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What are Large Scale Applications for Vanadium Flow Batteries?

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Vanadium flow batteries (VFB) are beginning to grab more and more headlines, as their large-scale application capabilities continue to be unveiled. With a smaller carbon footprint than lithium-ion batteries, far less degradation over time, and an absence of fire risk in large-scale applications, VFBs (also known as vanadium redox flow batteries) are poised to command a larger market share for grid-scale applications. Here’s a look at just some of the large-scale applications for vanadium flow batteries.

Wind & Solar Energy Grid Storage

Vanadium flow batteries that utilize stack design are ideal for renewable energy storage from renewable resources such as wind and solar. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, which are used in computers, handheld devices, and electrical cars, VFBs are entirely stackable, without any loss in power density. For grid applications, VFBs can be reliably expected to discharge at 100% for more than 20,000 cycles. Moreover, multigrid stacking of VFBs can offer a 50% cost reduction, by requiring virtually no maintenance, all the while being compact in design.

Off-Grid/Microgrids in Developing Nations

With more than 1 billion people still without access to electricity, and millions more at the mercy of unreliable and expensive electricity, vanadium flow batteries offer a promising solution. Offering an enhanced living standard, without environmentally damaging mining, or the addition of dangerous heavy metals such as cobalt, VFBs afford developing nations the chance to bridge the global divide, giving internet access to all. This makes VFBs ideal for off-grid communities and microgrids in developing nations.

Cell Towers

VFBs are perfect for telecom towers. They can be charged either via the electrical grid or in off-grid locations, they can be powered by renewable energy. Filling a significant void in available options for sustainable batteries, VFBs provide the perfect combination of low-maintenance, 100% discharge rate, durability, recyclability, and safety for the telecom industry. Better yet, the batteries are entirely scalable, non-flammable, non-explosive, and use water-based electrolytes making them safe for use in cell towers located in areas of fluctuating temperatures.

Data Storage

VFBs offer safe, sustainable backup electricity for data centers that require continuity of communications, transmissions, and data integrity. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, vanadium flow batteries do not require service inspections, or regular maintenance, making them a cost-effective battery option for data centers.


Industrial facilities looking to reduce their environmental impact can choose to do so by operating on renewable energy that can be stored in VFBs. This ensures backup power during outages, all the while making sustainable energy more affordable than ever. Storage capabilities of vanadium flow batteries ensure that the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy won’t turn industrial manufacturing facilities away from becoming more sustainable.

Other Applications for VFBs

Vanadium flow batteries aren’t just for large-scale applications. They represent a promise of a more sustainable future beginning in our own homes. Because VFBs can collect energy from the traditional electrical grid for storage, homes and businesses can rely on backup power during outages. Moreover, because vanadium flow batteries can pull electricity during low use periods for storage at peak demand, pairing a vanadium flow battery with solar panels can reduce utility bills significantly.

Learn More About StorEn Vanadium Flow Batteries for Large Scale Applications

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