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What Type of Vanadium Flow Battery is Perfect for Your Business?

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Vanadium flow batteries offer businesses an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which are known for their extremely low recyclable rate of less than 5%. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries also contain heavy metals including cobalt, which is often mined through child labor across the globe. By contrast, vanadium flow batteries are nearly 100% recyclable. Vanadium is in abundance and can be extracted in environmentally-friendly methods. As a sustainable, non-flammable, non-explosive alternative to lithium-ion batteries, vanadium flow batteries have a host of applications. Here’s what to know about the best type of vanadium flow battery for your business.

Vanadium Flow Battery Options for Telecom Businesses

With an average battery life of 25+ years, and virtually no required maintenance, vanadium flow batteries for Telecom businesses offer greater power density, yet the smallest footprint, thanks to Multigrid stacking capabilities. Telecom businesses seeking low-maintenance, cost-effective, batteries that have no degradation of capacity over time, will find energy collected from traditional electrical grids, or renewable resources can be stored until needed during an outage. Alternately, the energy can be used during peak consumption times to mitigate rate spikes.

Stackable 5/30 vanadium flow batteries can be used to back up data centers, ensuring continuity of communications, and data integrity via streamlined, compact stack designs that are completely scalable, for widespread distribution. Underground installation is available, providing added protection from natural disasters, theft, or vandalism. The Multigrid design makes these perfect for a variety of smart grid and microgrid integration applications.

Get Help Selecting the PerfectVanadium Flow Battery for Your Business

Vanadium flow batteries enable the safe transition away from fossil fuels while boasting significant reductions in emissions, recyclability, and safer extraction methods than lithium-ion batteries. With longer battery life and a completely reusable electrolyte, vanadium flow batteries offer 100% discharge capacity and are completely free of toxic metals. For help selecting the perfect vanadium flow battery for your business, contact StorEn Technologies.


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