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Although the Vanadium Flow  Battery (VFB) technology has been around for some time and enjoys some strong fundamentals, demonstrated by a number of installations in several countries worldwide, StorEn believe there is still massive room for technological advancement and improvement.

The StorEn R&D activities benefit from years of experience in PEM Fuel Cells of its Tech Team and the technological cross-transfer that originates from that experience.


StorEn creative efforts focus on increasing power and energy density well above the current State-of the Art. Resulting patent-pending innovation was developed in fluid dynamics of the stack, electrolyte molarity and battery design.


StorEn can deliver a reduction of 50% in the cost of the power side of the battery, an increase of 25% in battery capacity, eliminating service interval with improved reliability to exceed a  20-year operative life. Hence we deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCOs) possible today with a battery design that is virtually maintainance-free .

Stack Fluid Dynamics

Our extensive research in the fluid dynamic of the stack led us to develop MULTIGRIDS™, our patent-pending innovative flow design. This system allows to reduce by 50% the cost of the power side of the battery, at the same time preserving the reliability of the stack by operating at lower pressure.

Electrolyte Formulation

The chemical composition of our electrolyte allows us to increase its molarity. This allow us to enlarge the fields of installation to other applications that are volume-critical.

Reduced Service and Maintenance

The Total Cost of Ownership of the batteries are also influenced by the cost of servicing and maintaining the batteries. Our patent–pending technical solutions grant virtually maintenance-free batteries with reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability.

Enduring Capacity

Our patent-pending innovation supports near top Depth of Discharge for our batteries. This avoids the need of oversizing to meet performance parameters. This will ensure lower cost and decades of stable and reliable electrical performance.


One to four hours of runtime can assist to smooth the short-term intermittency associated with the grid, but the modularity of our design allows us to extend runtime to 10 hours and beyond, providing adequate endurance,  improving the reliability of the grid.

StorEn filed four International PCT patents claiming priority from the existing US provisional patents:

MULTIGRIDS™ - Innovative plate structure (application number PCT/US18/24414) > higher power density

EQUILEVELS™ - Electrolyte rebalancing (application number PCT/US18/24531) > reduced costs and higher reliability

RESAFE™ - Leak elimination (application number PCT/US18/24483) > reduced service and maintenance costs

THERMASTABLE™ - geothermal design (application number PCT/US18/24512) > increased round-trip efficiency.

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