Telecom Batteries:

Cell Towers & Data Centers

StorEn vanadium flow batteries are ideal for both telecom towers and data centers. Telecom tower batteries can be charged from the electrical grid or powered by renewable energy in off-grid locations, while batteries for data centers offer a backup electricity supply for added security. These batteries are essential for data integrity and continuity of communication and transmissions, but up to now, sustainable options have been lacking.


StorEn offers sustainable telecom batteries that are durable, reliable, and cost-effective. They can be used to collect energy from traditional electrical grids or renewable sources; this energy can be either stored until an outage occurs or it can be used to control utility costs by storing energy for use during peak consumption times, when rates are higher.

The Vanadium Battery Difference

When compared to lithium batteries, using vanadium flow batteries for telecom has a number of key advantages:


  • Vanadium flow batteries have no degradation of capacity over time; instead, they’re able to discharge fully at 100% throughout the battery’s entire lifespan.


  • The average vanadium flow battery lasts 25 years or longer.


  • StorEn batteries are designed to be low maintenance, making them a more cost-effective means of energy storage.


  • The vanadium electrolyte retains its end-of-life value and can be reused for a sustainable alternative to lithium telecom batteries.


  • Vanadium flow batteries have a non-flammable, water-based electrolyte that is non-explosive.


  • StorEn batteries are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, even in fluctuating temperatures.

Vanadium Batteries for Telecom Applications

Lithium batteries have allowed the telecom industry to begin the transition to renewable energy sources, but not without significant limits—they suffer fast decay and lose storage capacity over time. StorEn’s goal is to bring sustainability to the mainstream with vanadium flow batteries that overcome the shortfalls of lithium batteries.


Up until now, vanadium battery technology wasn’t ready for widespread use. Our engineers’ research and innovation has resulted in a vanadium flow battery that is 30 percent smaller than other batteries with similar storage capacities. StorEn technology is designed to easily scale up for widespread distribution.


Our patented Multigrids stack design means unmatched power density with a 50 percent cost reduction in the power side of the battery. StorEn batteries last over 15,000 cycles thanks to their Equilevels and Resafe technologies, and there’s no need for regular service inspections, which means reduced maintenance costs.


StorEn vanadium batteries offer the highest power density available with the smallest footprint and a unique modular architecture, making them well-suited for helping the telecom industry achieve sustainability.