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Energy storage systems are becoming a requirement for many electrical power delivery systems. Flow battery technology has commercial advantages over other energy storage systems because of the inherent efficiencies and life cycles available that do not exist with other energy storage technologies.


Incentives Flowing From Inflation Reduction Act 2022 Could Open Doors For Home Owners And Industrial Units To Invest In Vanadium Batteries.  

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Vanadium flow battery manufacturer StorEn Technologies announces it is moving the company headquarters and operations to Greenville, SC, which was referred to recently by as the “Silicon Valley of the South.”


Sustainable Energy for a Better Life​

According to 71% of Americans, clean energy should be a priority. The main drivers leading Americans to support renewable energy are twofold: 75% want to reduce pollution and 72% want to secure the well-being of future generations, including their children. Given their commitment to making a greener future, nearly half of consumers have said they.... 


Hacking Renewable Energy for a Green Future

By mid-decade, the global renewable energy market will reach a combined total of $1.5 trillion. This will be an enormous increase; in 2019, renewable energy powered the equivalent of 43.5 million homes in the US. In that year, solar and wind power had $18.7 and $14 billion in respective investments.


StorEn Tech Provides First Of Its Kind Vanadium Flow Battery To Australia

Australia has taken another step toward greater use of battery energy storage thanks to a new 30 kWh StorEn vanadium flow battery that was installed for use in a renewable hydrogen plant at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).


In 2019, renewable energy powered the equivalent of 43.5 million homes in America. The biggest renewable sources, wind and solar, generated hundreds of thousands of jobs and over $10 billion in investments each. By 2025, renewable energy worldwide is predicted to become a $1.5 trillion dollar industry, incredible growth in such a short period of time.


Top 5 Global Startup Hubs: Energy Storage Technology

We conducted an exhaustive analysis of the global geographic distribution of 1.806 startups to learn more about the energy storage startup ecosystem. Read more to find out about the top hubs and innovative startups in the field!

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