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Sustainable Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of sustainable energy?

For decades we’ve sourced our energy at the expense of the world around us. Sustainable energy reduces these devastating impacts, using less water, less land while causing less pollution and less harm.

How are vanadium batteries sustainable?

Vanadium flow batteries have been proven to reduce CO2 emissions, are nearly 100% recyclable, are sourced using environmentally-friendly methods, and can work off-grid in order to bridge the gap in developing areas. In other words, they are highly sustainable.

How long do vanadium batteries last?

Vanadium batteries can last about 25 years - or longer! And they have their full capacity available to you throughout their lifetime.

How can vanadium batteries change the way we power our homes?

Solar panels are slowly becoming more mainstream as they grow in popularity. Homes powered by these solar panels are going to need reliable batteries to store energy during peak sun hours - and vanadium batteries can do just that.

Can vanadium batteries work with a regular electrical grid?

Absolutely. For those who have not moved on to solar panels yet, there are still benefits to be had from these batteries. During non-peak times, these batteries can act as a backup power source and charge themselves. This energy can then be used during more expensive peak times or in times of power outages. Either way, it is saving you money, better for the plant, and moving your home or business into the future.

Why should we be moving on from lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries may have seemed like a great solution years ago, but we have since learned that they have their flaws. Lithium batteries - 

  • Create a ton of waste leading to high disposal costs. 

  • Can’t be successfully used in a variety of settings. 

  • Are flammable. 

  • Have a short life. 

  • Lose capacity over time. 


Thankfully, we have advanced and found new batteries that can better meet our needs in a much more sustainable way.

Will vanadium batteries replace lithium batteries in cell phones?

Vanadium flow batteries aren’t designed for cell phones. Rather, they are meant to handle large-scale jobs, such as solar-powered facilities, cell towers, and more.

Where can I learn more about the batteries of the future?

To learn more about StorEn Technologies or vanadium flow batteries, contact us.

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