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Industrial Vanadium Batteries


As more industrial facilities seek to reduce their environmental impact by running on renewable energy sources, there has never been a good answer to the question of how to overcome the intermittent nature of wind and solar power. Industrial vanadium batteries offer a solution, making sustainable energy more reliable and cost-effective by storing energy when production exceeds consumption.


Industrial vanadium flow batteries can also be used to collect energy from a traditional electrical grid, allowing facilities access to back-up power during outages caused by extreme weather. Furthermore, vanadium flow batteries control utility costs by collecting power from the electrical grid when rates are lower and storing it for later use during peak consumption times when rates are higher.


Vanadium flow batteries are ideal for powering a wide range of industries with solar and wind energy. Compared to lithium batteries, StorEn’s industrial vanadium batteries are:

  • Able to discharge fully at 100% throughout the battery’s entire lifetime, without any degradation of capacity

  • Durable and long-lasting, with an average lifespan of 25 years or more

  • Low maintenance

  • Sustainable, with an electrolyte that retains its end-of-life value and can be reused

  • Cost-effective

  • Made with a non-flammable water-based electrolyte

  • Non-explosive

  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, even in fluctuating temperatures

Industrial Worker


Industrial facilities that rely upon solar panels or wind power need batteries to store energy collected during peak times for future use, when production is lower. While lithium batteries have represented a leap forward for renewable energy, they are not ideal due to their fast decay and loss in storage capacity over time.


The engineers at StorEn understood that vanadium flow batteries were the answer to the problems presented by lithium batteries, but existing vanadium battery technology wasn’t practical for widespread use. Our research and innovation has led us to build a vanadium flow battery that is 30 percent smaller than other designs with similar energy storage capacity. The StorEn vanadium battery can be scaled up for wider distribution.

StorEn’s patented Multigrids stack design offers unparalleled power density and a 50 percent cost reduction in the power side of the battery. Our Equilevels and Resafe technologies allows StorEn batteries to last over 15,000 cycles, with reduced cost of maintenance and no need for regular service inspections.


By providing the highest power density available with the smallest footprint and a modular architecture, StorEn vanadium batteries are well-suited for helping a wide range of industries harness the power of renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanadium Flow Batteries for Industrial Storage

How are vanadium flow batteries different from lithium-ion batteries?

Vanadium flow batteries use electrolytes that are completely reusable. Vanadium batteries do not suffer degradation over their lifespan, discharging fully at 100% for 25 years or longer. Vanadium flow batteries are also non-flammable and non-explosive. In other words, they are safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly than lithium-ion batteries. 

Can vanadium flow batteries be used indoors?

Vanadium flow batteries from StorEn for industrial storage can be used indoors or outside. They are designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures. 


Are vanadium batteries for industrial storage safe?

Vanadium flow batteries are extremely safe. Water-based electrolytes make them non-explosive, and non-flammable.  

Do vanadium flow batteries for industrial storage erode over time?

Vanadium flow batteries last for more than 20,000 cycles, with minimal routine maintenance. Unlike lithium-ion batteries which are known for degradation over time, vanadium flow batteries discharge at 100% throughout the entire lifetime, which is 25 years or longer. 

Do vanadium multigrid stack batteries offer energy savings?

Yes. Multigrid stack vanadium flow batteries offer the highest levels of power density but a 50% cost reduction. This is because vanadium flow batteries can collect power from the electrical grid during periods of low rates, and can store that energy for future use during peak consumption and higher rates. 

What benefits do vanadium flow batteries offer that lithium-ion batteries don’t offer?

Vanadium flow batteries do not degrade or lose storage capacity over their lifespan. Vanadium flow multigrid stack designs are also smaller than other storage batteries. Heavy metals such as cobalt are not used in vanadium flow batteries. In addition, vanadium flow batteries require very little maintenance. Given low maintenance costs and long lifespans, vanadium flow batteries are more cost-effective than lithium-ion batteries. 


Are vanadium batteries for industrial storage environmentally friendly?

Multiple studies have confirmed that vanadium flow batteries considerably reduce CO₂ emissions compared to lithium-ion batteries.  Vanadium extraction does not require environmentally devastating mining. Moreover, they are nearly 100% recyclable. 


Where can I buy a vanadium flow battery for industrial storage?

To learn more about StorEn vanadium flow batteries for industrial storage, contact us today.

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