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Products Overview


Lithium Ion batteries cannot meet all market needs.


The market for energy storage technologies is polarizing as there is no “One size fits all” solution.


  • Lithium batteries are ideal for short duration power-intensive applications in mobility, such as mobile devices and electric vehicles;

  • Lithium-based batteries have inherently shorter lifetimes;

  • Lithium-based batteries lose capacity rapidly over time;  

  • They are not economically-efficient enough for the larger grid scale installations with longer duration storage (4+ hours). Thus they cannot support the foreseeable amount of renewable energy expected to be installed;

  • They have a high cost of end-of-life processing.

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  • Vanadium flow batteries outperform lithium for grid scale installations.

  • Their cost decreases for longer durations (economies of scale).

  • They deliver 100% Depth-of-Discharge (DoD) without loss of capacity for the whole 25-year lifetime or 15,000 cycles.

  • Vanadium presents better safety characteristics being non-flammable and non-explosive, and they carry an end of life value.


Lithium batteries have been deployed for residential storage and grid-scale projects despite not being the ideal technology for long duration stationary application.


Thanks to the vanadium technology, we now have a better alternative!


Our Technical Team in Fuel Cells, Vanadium Flow Batteries and cogeneration have spent years conceptualizing StorEn’s residential batteries.


Our batteries deliver 100% of their initial capacity throughout their 25-year lifetime (or 15,000 cycles). The vanadium electrolyte is not subject to chemical degradation over use, unlike lithium batteries, and can be reused indefinitely.


Our patented Multigrids™ stack design delivers the leading power density in the world, while reducing by over 50% the cost of the power side of the battery.


The standard 20-year duration typical of vanadium flow batteries can be exceeded thanks to our patented Equilevels™ and  Resafe™ that extend the duration of StorEn batteries to over 15,000 cycles, eliminating service inspections and reducing maintenance costs.

Our batteries use a proprietary water-based electrolyte chemistry that is non-flammable and non-explosive. StorEn’s electrolyte increases the energy density of the battery by about +25%, and this translates into a much smaller battery at energy parity. 


The result of StorEn R&D activities are modules with the highest power density and the smallest size, a modular architecture to satisfy the widest array of customers’ homes and installation requirements, and the lowest cost/cycle possible today, below the one of lithium batteries.


StorEn is a member and supports the mission of advancing zero-energy green buildings and LEED.

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30kWh VFB Battery


TITANstack™ For Grid-Scale Storage

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