StorEn Technologies patent-pending technology intends to be the “Missing Link” in today’s energy market in its transition towards energy generation from renewable sources and greater energy efficiency:

the need for long lasting  and economical energy storage.

StorEn is proud to be located at  the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program at Stony Brook University, NY.

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A home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels will allow to power homes in the evening.

A home battery can also recharge when rates are low for later consumption, and would also provide a backup electricity supply for added security.  


In StorEn vision, our ideal home battery will be cost-effective, plug-and-use, that means easy to install and connect, and possibly offering households the possibility to be independent from the utility grid.


An industrial battery that charges using the electrical energy from intermittent power sources such as wind and solar.


An industrial battery that can store the energy from any sources when production exceeds consumption.


In StorEn vision, our ideal industrial battery will be able to reduce power wastages by returning, when production falls below consumption, the energy stored in a cost-effective manner.


A battery for Telecom Towers that charges from the grid or is powered with renewable energy in off-grid locations. 


A battery for Data Centers that provides a backup electricity supply for added security.


In StorEn vision, our ideal battery for Telecom Towers and Data Centers will ensure continuity of communication and transmissions and data integrity by being reliable durable  and cost-effective.

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StorEn Technologies Inc.

Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

@ Stony Brook University

25 Health Sciences Drive, Suite 237
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3350

Phone: (631) 686 4009

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We shall be happy to reply to any queries you may have regarding our technology and the way our batteries can add value to your business!

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