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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Vanadium Flow Batteries

lithium ion battery energy storage box

Vanadium flow batteries are changing the future of sustainable energy and catching the eye of many industries seal change in the world around us is needed and vanadium flow batteries are usable in various applications.

Here are six facts you didn’t know about vanadium flow batteries.

1. Vanadium Flow Batteries Never Lose Capacity

Vanadium flow batteries continue to perform at their optimal level throughout their entire lifetime. They never lose capacity and will work for years in the future. Compared to lithium-ion batteries which begin wearing over time and slowly losing their capacity to hold a charge, vanadium continues to perform.

2. Vanadium Flow Batteries Do Not Use Flammable Liquid

lithium-ion batteries are dangerous because they are flammable. Vanadium flow batteries do not use a flammable liquid and cannot go up in flames.

Vanadium flow batteries are designed using water with electrolytes. No explosives - and no risk of fires. The only thing that this battery sparks is interest - no fires here!

3. Vanadium Flow Batteries Work Inside and Out

These batteries are designed to handle different temperatures - including temperatures that fluctuate. As a result, they can be used for applications both indoors and outdoors.

4. Vanadium Flow Batteries Have a Long Lifespan

Working hard to maintain the highest capacity level, you may think that the longevity of these batteries is minimal. But they can last upwards of 25 years if they have regular maintenance over the years.

5. Vanadium Flow Batteries are a Cost-Effective Solution

Vanadium flow batteries are a cost-efficient way of handling sustainable energy needs. They give you 100% at all times. By the time they expire in about 25+ years, they will be performing as they did on day one.

Another cost-effective trait is that the vanadium electrolyte can be reused. When the time comes to replace the battery, you won’t have to go in search of more vanadium, which is better for the environment.

6. Vanadium Flow Batteries Are Eco-Friendly

More industries are looking to take advantage of new technology that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Vanadium flow batteries are proving to be a great option. Starting at the very beginning of the process, mining vanadium is not as devastating to the environment as other options. Plus, the vanadium can be reused in the next battery.

CO2 emissions from these batteries are incredibly lower in comparison to other options, such as lithium-ion batteries. And they are almost entirely recyclable.

Want to Learn More About Vanadium Flow Batteries?

Vanadium flow batteries are our future. And StorEn Technologies is working hard to increase the accessibility of this source of sustainable energy.

If you’d like to learn more about these batteries or how you may benefit from them, visit our campaign page.


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