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Strategic Partnership with Energey Solar

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Energey Solar, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, that promises to redefine energy standards within the African telecom market. 

This collaboration unites StorEn's revolutionary battery technology with Energey's expertise in renewable energy systems deployments and specifically in the mobile telecom market, positioning us to jointly tackle the unique energy demands facing the African telecommunications sector. Through this partnership, StorEn is set to make a significant leap into the African market, leveraging Energey’s local presence. 

Key Highlights of Our Partnership:

1. Market Entrance: StorEn, in partnership with Energey Solar will introduce its cutting-edge energy storage solutions to the African telecom market, underscoring our commitment to addressing the energy challenges prevalent in this vibrant and dynamic region. Our joint efforts aim to offer more reliable and efficient energy options for telecommunications infrastructure across Africa.

2. Supply Chain Collaboration: Energey Solar will play a crucial role in supporting StorEn's technological deployments by offering final product assembly and supplying vanadium electrolyte for StorEn's battery technology. This symbiotic relationship underscores our shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

3. Commitment to Innovation: Both Energey Solar and StorEn are dedicated to continuous research and development. This collaboration is not just about the products we bring today but also about fostering innovation for tomorrow's energy solutions.

The telecommunications industry has demonstrated unprecedented growth and innovation, positioning itself as an economic powerhouse on a global scale. Recent reports estimate the telecom sector's value to soar into the trillions, highlighting not only its immense footprint but its potential for future advancements and expansions. 

All across Africa, the mobile telecom industry must operate sophisticated network equipment with very poor quality electrical grids.  In many cases, there is no available grid and must power the systems using on-site generators.  The telecom service providers have realized that the transition to renewable energy is the key to continuously operating these networks.  Reliable energy storage systems become a key component in this solution.  StorEn Tech’s vanadium flow batteries are the best solution for the extreme charge and discharge requirements needed in these remote locations.

This burgeoning market represents a pivotal opportunity for StorEn. With StorEn’s strategic entry into the telecommunications industry through this strategic partnership with Energey, StorEn is positioned to quickly expand our business in this region. By leveraging innovative technology and expertise, StorEn aims to become synonymous with telecom energy solutions, carving out a significant presence in this vast and vibrant market.

We are confident that this strategic partnership will empower the African telecom sector with reliable energy solutions. The combined expertise of Energey Solar and StorEn, coupled with our shared ethos of innovation and sustainability, ensures promising growth in the telecommunications industry.

"Through our partnership with Energey, we're not just stepping into the telecommunications arena — we're redefining it. This collaboration is our declaration that the future of telecom is here. We're proud to lead the future of energy storage in this rapidly evolving sector. Together, Energey and StorEn are setting new benchmarks, proving that technological advancement is possible." 

— John Davis, CEO, StorEn Technologies

“Energey Solar is proud to join forces with Storen to revolutionize telecoms power backup in Africa. Together, we'll deliver efficient and eco-friendly vanadium flow batteries, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across the continent. This is a significant leap towards a more sustainable and reliable telecoms infrastructure for Africa.”

— Reshigan Govender, President, Energey Solar

Learn more about StorEn Technologies from our website:

Learn more about Energey Solar from their website:

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin deploying our systems throughout the telecommunications networks in Africa.


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