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7 Benefits of Solar Powered Batteries

solar battery plant

Solar-powered batteries are a safeguard against disruption in the electrical grid and are less harmful to the environment. Powered by solar panels on residential homes and commercial businesses, it’s only a matter of time before solar-powered batteries are the dominant type of backup energy for residential and commercial properties. By storing solar energy to be used at a later time, vanadium solar-powered batteries offer seven unique benefits when compared to other types of batteries.

1. Solar Batteries Give You Energy Independence

Power blackouts are becoming more frequent, as temperatures continue to rise, and the electrical grid becomes more and more strained. By pairing your solar panels with a solar battery, you are not reliant upon utility companies to provide your energy. Should extreme weather take down the utilities in your area, a solar battery can keep your home running without interruption.

2. Solar Batteries Help To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar batteries leave a much smaller carbon footprint than other types of batteries. This is because solar batteries store free, natural solar energy for later use. Remember that solar panels alone do not store energy. The energy collected by them to power your home is only available as long as they receive adequate sunshine. If you do not have enough sunlight to produce the amount of energy you need, you pull energy from the electrical grid. That means that you’re using fossil fuels. Conversely, if your solar panels generate more energy than you need, that energy is sold back to the utility company.

By contrast, when you have a solar battery, you will have clean energy stored and available for use should your panels not absorb enough sunlight to power your home, or you experience a blackout. You will neither pull from nor sell energy to the utility company.

It’s important to note, however, that not all solar batteries are the same. Lithium ion batteries manufacturing is very carbon intensive. Alternatives, such as vanadium flow batteries have been shown to have a lower carbon footprint and considerably reduce emissions.

3. Solar Batteries are Cleaner and Quieter Than Generators

Solar batteries are also far cleaner than backup generators as they don’t require gas, or oil to run. This also happens to keep your home or office much quieter, as you won’t have to contend with a noisy generator.

4. Emerging Solar Batteries Have a Long Lifespan

Depending upon the type of solar-powered battery you use, you can expect it to last for decades. Vanadium batteries, for example, have an expected lifespan of 25 years or more.

5. Solar Powered Batteries Can Operate at 100% Capacity Indefinitely

Emerging solar battery technologies are also proving to deliver 100% capacity for their entire lifespan. Unlike some lithium batteries which lose capacity due to chemical degradation over time, vanadium flow solar batteries do not degrade and can be reused throughout their expected 20,000+ cycles.

6. Solar Batteries Can Reduce Utility Bills

Solar-powered batteries can significantly reduce your utility bills. Consider that if you have solar panels, without a battery, you still pull from the electrical grid from time to time. But, if you have a solar battery, your energy will be sourced from your own property. Therefore, you won’t be buying electricity from the utility company.

7. Vanadium Solar Batteries are a Safer Option than Lithium Ion Batteries

Vanadium flow solar batteries are also safer than other lithium ion solar batteries because they are non-flammable and non-explosive. The electrolytes used in vanadium flow batteries are water-based, making them the safest type of battery technology available.

Learn More About Vanadium Solar Powered Batteries

To learn more about vanadium solar-powered batteries, contact StorEn Technologies or visit StorEn’s StartEngine campaign page to get involved.

This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.


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