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Why Telecom Towers and Data Centers Need Vanadium Flow Batteries?

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As with many industries, there is a push towards renewable energy sources in telecom, but achieving increased sustainability is often easier said than done. Most telecom towers and data centers rely upon the electrical grid for power; in far-flung locations where this is not possible, off-grid power is a necessity, but storing renewable energy using lithium batteries presents many challenges. Vanadium flow batteries can be used to store energy from both the electrical grid and off-grid sources.

How Vanadium Flow Batteries Benefit the Telecom Industry

With telecom towers and data centers, batteries are critical because they ensure data integrity and continuity of communication and transmissions; even when the electrical grid is used for power, batteries provide a backup supply for another layer of security.

Vanadium flow batteries from StorEn are a sustainable energy storage option that offers durability, reliability, and a number of compelling cost benefits. Telecom companies can use these batteries to collect energy from conventional electrical grids or from renewable sources like sun and wind. Energy can either be stored in the event of an electrical outage to ensure service continuity or companies can reduce their utility costs by storing energy to use during peak consumption times, when rates are typically higher. Over time, vanadium flow batteries used in this manner will pay for themselves.

Advantages of Vanadium Flow Batteries in Telecom

Vanadium flow batteries have a number of distinct advantages over lithium batteries, which are currently the most common batteries used in telecom and data centers. These include:


Not only will vanadium flow batteries help the telecom industry become more sustainable by harnessing the power of renewable energy, the batteries themselves are also more sustainable than lithium batteries. The electrolyte in vanadium flow batteries retains its end-of-life value and can be reused, so replacing batteries does not create a need for mining new vanadium.

Discharge Capacity

Vanadium batteries do not lose capacity as they age—instead, they always discharge fully at 100 percent capacity. You won’t need to oversize during battery installation to account for future capacity loss, making StorEn batteries more cost-effective.

Durability and Hassle-Free Maintenance

A vanadium battery has an expected lifespan of 25 years or more. Our StorEn Battery Management System tells us when service is needed, saving you the hassle of having to schedule regular maintenance to check on the condition of your batteries.


Thanks to their water-based electrolyte, StorEn vanadium flow batteries are non-explosive and non-flammable, making them safer than other types of batteries that are used in the telecom industry.


Vanadium batteries can be used both indoors and outdoors, at a wide range of temperatures. Because they are at the beginning of their development cycle, it’s expected that further improvements will be made as vanadium battery technology advances.

Learn More About StorEn Vanadium Flow Batteries

To learn about how StorEn Technologies is creating a more sustainable future for the telecom industry, contact us today at or visit the StorEn StartEngine campaign page to find out how you can get involved.


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