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Why You Need Vanadium Flow Batteries for Your Home

Solar panels on the roof of the modern house

Our goal at StorEn Technologies is to create vanadium flow batteries that are affordable and accessible not just to businesses, but to homeowners as well. Vanadium flow batteries are safer and longer-lasting than lithium batteries, with the additional advantage of being more sustainable. This makes them ideal for residential use. Here’s how we envision the future of vanadium batteries for the home.

Vanadium Flow Batteries Remove Barriers to Solar Power

More and more homeowners are installing solar panels on their homes, but when it comes to energy independence, this rarely offers a comprehensive solution. What happens in the far north, where winter days are short? How can you generate enough energy to run your household when you have a stretch of overcast, rainy days? The current solution to these problems is to use energy from the grid when solar energy isn’t sufficient.

This is why a solar-powered battery is essential, as it lets you store excess energy created during peak sun times and save it to use in the evening and on cloudy days. A solar-powered battery will also keep your utility costs lower, as you can use it for your energy needs when electricity rates are at their highest.

StorEn Technologies vanadium flow batteries are suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, which means they can be implemented in all climates, across all continents.

Vanadium Flow Batteries Are a Necessary Adaptation to a Changing Climate

While our vanadium flow batteries are sustainable and reduce greenhouse emissions, they also address the fact that climate change is real and happening rapidly; we’re now at a point where we must not only work to slow climate change, but come up with solutions to the problems it has already created.

Rolling blackouts during the summer months and power outages due to extreme weather events are occurring with greater frequency. These blackouts aren’t just inconvenient, but costly and dangerous as well. Equipping homes with rechargeable batteries—even if these batteries are simply connected to the grid instead of solar power—will allow continued access to electricity during power outages, helping homeowners avoid blackouts.

Vanadium Flow Batteries Are Hassle-Free

StorEn Technologies vanadium flow batteries are ideal for homeowners because they need little maintenance or upkeep. Vanadium flow batteries:

  • Discharge at 100% capacity throughout their whole lifespan.

  • Have the ability to last 25 years or more.

  • Are a cost-effective option, as the electrolyte retains its end-of-life value.

  • Have an on-demand maintenance system that indicates when maintenance is required.

  • Are non-flammable and non-explosive, making them safer for home use.

We envision StorEn home vanadium batteries as a plug-and-use product that allows homeowners to achieve energy independence without requiring any advanced knowledge of electrical components or wiring.

Learn More About StorEn Vanadium Flow Batteries

We’re passionate about vanadium flow battery technology and we’re always pleased to answer any questions you might have. To learn more about how StorEn Technologies is creating a more sustainable future, contact us today or visit the StorEn StartEngine campaign page to find out how you can get involved.


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