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Why StorEn Technologies is a Clean Tech Company for the People

energy powered windmills with cloud cover in the sky

Deciding to invest in clean tech should be an easy ‘yes, here’s my check,’ right? Technologies focused on renewable power generation and storage help the world.  After all, solar homes withstand natural disasters and flow batteries reduce carbon footprint, so who wouldn’t want to support products and services that make the environment better?  In addition, the markets for sustainable energy and environmentally responsible products are some of the fastest-growing opportunities in the world.

But ‘investing,’ (by definition) is focused on making profits over a fairly short period. For venture capitalists (companies or individuals providing money and management support to new businesses) requests for clean tech investment are met with more reluctance than software or information technologies. Why? These industries often have a faster path to market – and to profits — than clean tech, where the development of a physical product requires materials, testing, and time. As a result, venture capital isn’t as readily available for the promising technologies that are needed to assuage climate change.

Broader Group of Stakeholders in Clean Tech

With venture capital investment in clean tech down almost 30% in the last few years, a new system has developed to support clean tech initiatives.

1. Incubators                                 

Organizations like Stony Brook University’s Clean Energy Business Incubator program support clean tech startups in several ways. They give entrepreneurs access to labs, mentors, potential investors, and management support. Importantly, start-ups can conduct testing and demonstrations of their technologies, critical phases of development for clean tech solutions. Incubators and accelerators are structured to support the longer time horizon and upfront capital needed for clean tech.

2. Crowdfunding

Raising capital through online funding sites have broadened clean tech’s reach beyond financial institutions and large investors. Start-ups also rely on crowdfunding to develop communities of people who want to support the development of solutions to the Earth’s challenges.

3. Individuals

People interested in sustainability are seeking out organizations that reflect their values. For these contributors, investments in clean tech companies aren’t just about financial windfalls but are a demonstrable commitment to creating a better world.

StorEn Tech’s Priority: Making Sustainable, Cost-Effective Energy Storage Available to Everyone

StorEn is focused on providing safe, long-lasting, economical energy storage as the world shifts to renewable energy.  And that shift is well underway, as more than 150 countries recently joined together to launch the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation. Renewable energy is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. StorEn is on pace to have a cost-effective storage solution ready to support the change.

We developed our relationship with Stony Brook’s Clean Energy Incubator program and our crowdfunding initiative with StartEngine to accomplish several goals:

  1. To generate awareness of our game-changing energy storage technology

  2. To fully vet (and optimize) the performance of our vanadium flow battery

  3. To have a forum for sharing information about our plans, including our partnership with Multicom Resources supporting manufacturing and distribution

  4. To provide opportunities for individual investors to benefit from both the company’s growth and being part of the team making our world better through sustainable energy storage

  5. StorEn Technologies is dedicated to changing lives. To us, success means having our storage solution widely available. We want to safely supply cost-effective, reliable, long-life renewable energy to everyone. Our efforts will help modernize the energy grid, ensuring you have the power you need every day.

Join our team by investing and be part of the change!


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