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Solar Panels

30kWh VFB Battery


Our 5kW/30kWh is our smallest self-contained battery embedding our proprietary Multigrids™ flow dynamic disruption.  Based on a sweet spot sizing, our 5/30 battery is able to fulfill several market applications.

Residential storage customers, with or without solar panels, will find this battery able to satisfy the energy storage needs and power back-up, even of the larger home.

Additionally, our 5/30 battery supports several industrial and commercial installations, such as telecom tower back-ups, smart grids and microgrids integration, both connected to the grid and/or renewables, and to Virtual Power Plants.

Our 5/30 battery has a compact footprint, broad operating temperature, and enjoys the conformance to existing and emerging standards enabling safe and reliable deployment. It is based on a modular architecture that allows connecting several ones together to increase specifications, in simplicity.

Our 5/30 battery is also available in an underground version embedding Thermastable™, our patented geothermal temperature conditioning system.

Thermastable™ makes our batteries ideal for installation in locations with harsh climates, such as Minnesota or Africa. Thermastable™ delivers higher round-trip efficiency (up to 82%) and reduced cost/cycle.

The underground installation delivers superior resilience in case of natural disaster, vandalism and theft and makes it ideal for e.g. ideal for remote installations e.g. telecom towers.


All StorEn vanadium flow batteries are equipped with a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS).  The StorEn’s BMS is an IP-based remote monitoring system that enables its main operational parameters to be accessed through a web browser, smartphone or tablet.

The BMS delivers real-time data, history charts, and diagnostic information including recent events and working codes. The system can also deliver alerts when certain events occur. The StorEn’s BMS enables shifting from scheduled maintenance to maintenance-on-demand.

StorEn’s  patented Equilevels™ and  Resafe™ in association with our proprietary BMS, make StorEn batteries virtually maintenance-free!

Image by Christian Dubovan
Image by Anastasia Zhenina


  • Multigrids™

  • Thermastable™

  • Equilevels™

  • Resafe™

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