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Image by Hal Gatewood

TITANstack™ For Grid-Scale Storage


The scaling up of stack size in a vanadium flow batteries is impaired by a chemical phenomenon called “overcharging” that reduces the electrical performance of the electrolyte as the active area of the stack increases.

A fluid dynamic constraint kicks in when feeding the electrolyte through stacks with a large active surface. This limits the size of vanadium flow battery stacks, and therefore their power rating.

For large grid-scale batteries, manufacturers are forced to utilize a number of smaller stacks connected together as “power building blocks.” The multiplication of stacks adds to the complexity, size, and cost of grid-scale flow batteries.

StorEn Technologies’ patented fluid dynamic Multigrids™ system eliminates “overcharging”, the major technical obstacles in scaling up the stack size of flow batteries. StorEn’s Multigrids™ will enable the construction of large TITANstack™ stacks featuring a current running with thousands of amps (for grid-scale vanadium flow batteries). This innovation leads simplification of the system’s complexity and allows for a significant cost reduction.


All StorEn vanadium flow batteries are equipped with a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS).

The StorEn’s BMS is an IP-based remote monitoring system that enables its main operational parameters to be accessed through a web browser, smartphone or tablet.

The BMS delivers real-time data, history charts, and diagnostic information including recent events and working codes. The system can also deliver alerts when certain events occur. The StorEn’s BMS enables shifting from scheduled maintenance to maintenance-on-demand.

StorEn’s  patented Equilevels™ and  Resafe™ in association with our proprietary BMS, make StorEn batteries virtually maintenance-free!

Image by Keagan Henman
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