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StorEn Tech Offers Patent-Pending Energy Storage Device on StartEngine

Investors can now be part of a ground floor opportunity in vanadium flow battery technology

Stony Brook, NY (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2018

StorEn Technologies Inc., a client of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) at Stony Brook University, is pleased to announce that they have just launched on StartEngine. Now, investors will have the unique opportunity to get in on a ground floor opportunity presenting a revolution in clean energy storage.

StorEn Technologies develops patent-pending vanadium flow batteries, revolutionary energy storage devices that offer heightened performance at lower costs that current storage devices on the market.

Vanadium flow batteries offer the lowest cost per cycle in the world, a rate that’s eight times less than lithium-ion batteries. Each unit offers a battery life of 25 years and more than 15,000 cycles.

StorEn Technologies’ batteries offer solutions for residential, industrial, and telecom/data center applications.

StorEn Technologies is now offering investors the opportunity to be a part of their company with $4/share in Common Stock and the chance to boost the value to $26+ million. According to Carlo Brovero, “We are excited to offer 100,000 investors our StorEn energy solution revolution.”

More information about StorEn is available at, and further details regarding the StartEngine campaign can be found at

About the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program at Stony Brook University Funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA), the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) at Stony Brook University has been in operation since October 2011 providing assistance and resources for developers of renewable and clean-energy technologies. Through the expertise, business acumen and technological resources of CEBIP’s management team, advisory board, researchers at Stony Brook University and other extensive partnerships, CEBIP helps bridge the gap between innovation and market with a full commitment to helping entrepreneurs develop and commercialize clean-energy technology. CEBIP provides resources for clean-energy innovators that include mentorship at various stages of entrepreneurial development, guidance for business and strategic plans, and assistance in preparing for and locating funding opportunities. CEBIP’sgoal is to develop a successful clean-energy economy on Long Island, creating high-paying “cleantech” jobs and industry within Long Island and New York State.

About StorEn Technologies

StorEn Technologies aims to combat climate change and close the gap in the transition toward renewable, efficient energy with patent-pending, innovative, cost-effective energy storage.


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