Our Philosophy

We believe we are living a period of epic transformation for our planet!

The 20th Century was the century of the Oil and Gas Economy. This century  will mark the rise of electricity.

Electricity will be THE ENERGY OF THE 21ST CENTURY!


This transition is accompanied by a shift from fossil fuel generation to renewable generation technologies such as solar and wind energy. Unlike fossil fuels, most renewable energy sources do not release carbon dioxide and other air pollutants into the atmosphere.  

The reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions mitigation, that were at the core of the 2016 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, calls firstly for an improved energy efficiency and the recovery of the current capacity wasted due to generation being geared on peak consumptions.


Secondly, the growth rate of solar and wind generation,  intermittent by nature, is impaired by the lack of cost-effective and long lasting energy storage.


We, at StorEn, strive to bring proprietary real innovation to Vanadium Flow Batteries capitalising on years of demonstrated technical creativity and experience in the energy sector of our Technology Team.

We believe our batteries will satisfy market demand for energy storage, contributing to the reduction of emissions and accelerating the transition towards the Economy of Electricity from Renewable sources!

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StorEn Technologies Inc.

Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

@ Stony Brook University

25 Health Sciences Drive, Suite 237
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3350

Phone: (631) 686 4009


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We shall be happy to reply to any queries you may have regarding our technology and the way our batteries can add value to your business!

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