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StorEn Technologies Inc.

Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

@ Stony Brook University

25 Health Sciences Drive, Suite 237
Stony Brook, NY 11790-3350

Phone: (631) 686 4009

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We shall be happy to reply to any queries you may have regarding our technology and the way our batteries can add value to your business!

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StorEn VFBs are based on years of creativity and lateral thinking of the StorEn Technical Team in Fuel Cells, Vanadium Flow Batteries and cogeneration.


StorEn modules  utilize a proprietary electrolyte chemistry that delivers an increased energy density of the modules in the region of +25%. 


Furthermore, they embed a patent-pending stack design reducing by over 50% the cost of the power side of the battery.


The standard long 20-year duration typical of Vanadium Flow Batteries can be exceeded thanks to a patent-pending innovation that extends duration of StorEn batteries to over 15,000 cycles, extending service intervals and reducing maintenance costs.


The result of StorEn R&D activities are modules with the highest power and energy density, a modular architecture to satisfy the widest array of customers’ installations requirements, and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership possible today.

30 kWh Built-in Module - 2 Versions available

Indoor version
Underground version